Monday, May 4, 2009

Be Careful What You Say to Children: Episode 1

When Johnny was in the fourth grade, he lashed
out at his classmate, Ameena, and told her to shut
up. When Ameena reported this to their teacher,
the teacher turned to Johhny’s best friend, Anoop,
and told him not to talk to Johnny anymore.

For the remainder of that year, Anoop would not
talk to his best friend Johnny--not because he did
not want to; but because he was trying to obey his
teacher’s command.

Both, Johnny and Anoop’s parents did not understand
why they discontinued their friendship. Johnny was
miserable for the remainder of the school year. The
teacher did not realize the damage she had done.

When Johnny was in the fifth grade, he and Anoop
were friends again. Johnny’s mother did not learn why
the two stopped talking to one another until a few years

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