Saturday, May 2, 2009

Employee Putting Customers At Risk

I was in a fast food restaurant one day, and
I noticed a restaurant employee did not wash
her hands as she exited the restroom.
I followed to see if she would perhaps wash her
hands after returning to her designated area.
She did not wash her hands, and proceeded
to handled food and cooking utensils.

I reported the employee, but she denied it.
Food establishments should have it where
employees would have to wash their hands
publicly after returning to prepare food.
Unsanitary behavior puts others at risk
of contamination.


  1. With you all the way. I appreciate the approach Subway has with the wearing of gloves while working which, by the way, doesn't eliminate the need to wash hands because the gloves have to be put on with the very hands that should have been washed. I also think the employees should wear masks as I think of all the spray coming from their mouths when they speak. When customers see employees taking a serious step to control the spread of germs, they will feel a lot better about eating there.

  2. I have seen this happen before at several fast food establishments. It is so gross.

  3. Thanks for the feedback RipperKing.
    Thanks for the feedback Crystal.

  4. Ew yes, well done for reporting it.


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