Thursday, July 30, 2009

Did You Know?...VOLUME 1

Vitamin C can shorten the length of a cold. Plus, it may cut back on coughing and sneezing. A great way to get additional Vitamin C is by drinking juices that are rich in Vitamin C.

Steam cleaning carpet does not get hot enough to kill
dust mites. "About all it really does is make it warmer and wetter underneath —an ideal climate for both mites and mold."-Dr. Platts-Mills

...Clorox kills mold.

...Exercising and stretching is good for back pain.

... To avoid bringing on the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,
you should keep your hand and wrist as straight as possible while
typing and driving.

...Finding the source of your depression, may help you to feel a lot

Even experts on depression occasionally get depressed.

...Deep abdominal breathing can lower or stabilize blood pressure.


  1. another great post loaded with a lot of useful information! I do implement some of these in my everyday life already :)

  2. Did you know vitamin C also helps tocure mouth ulcers?

    nice post!


  3. Thanks Sheliza, Toothfairynotes, and Andrea.
    Thank you all so very much!

  4. I get Vit C from eating citrus fruits.. we have a lot here in the Phils :)

  5. Hi U.Pink,
    Graet way to get
    your Vitamin C.


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