Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is believed
to be that whatever we focus on
is what we attract into our lives.
The following is my response to
a blog I commented on regarding
the Law of Attraction:

I do believe things can manifest in
our lives that we give our attention
to because it has happened to me
quite often; however, I do not agree
with this particular claim:
“You are the creator of everything
that you experience by the virtue
of what you think and feel”


There were times when good things
and bad things happened to me that
I had not previously thought about.
Sometimes things just happen.

Quite naturally after bad things happen
tend to think about them. I try not to
dwell on the bad things and stay focused
on my dreams and accomplishing my

Feel free to share your thoughts on the
Law of Attraction.


  1. Sorry, I havent been by lately. It has been crazy here. Our daughter is getting married next month and I am exhausted. Hope you are doing well. You have another great post. GOD BLESS, andrea

  2. Thanks for the feedback Andrea.
    Congratulations to your daughter.
    I'm sure everything is going to
    be fine so calm down. :~)
    I'm coming by to check out your
    blog. God bless you.

  3. I never heard of the Law of Attraction until now.
    Thanks for introducing me to this law.

  4. Yes, Nita, I've heard of it. I read the "Law of Success" by Napeoleon Hill. Also "The Secret" is awesome. It discusses this concept in great detail. In short, if you want to succeed, it's a total thought process to make this happen. In the "Secret", it was discussed about wealthy people that seemed to have it all, even losing it all and gaining the wealth back. Do we know why?? All they talked about was money and finance. It surrounded them. All most of us talk about is how we are miserable with the jobs or bills we currently have. And as we see: It continues to surround us. Please everyone go to your Library and check out "The Secret". A must read to change your life.

  5. Hey Nikki,
    I have not read 'The Secret'
    but I have heard the authors
    speak about it on Oprah.

    I have read articles about
    the Law of Attraction, and
    I do believe that what you
    focus your attention on is
    what you attract into your

    I know what you mean about
    people who talk about their
    miserable jobs. They seem to
    stay in a rut. My thing is,
    if you don't like where you
    are, then see yourself out
    of it. See yourself in a
    better position.

    The thing that is disturbing
    to me when it comes to some
    beliefs about the Law of
    Attraction, some people
    actually believe that
    everything that happens to
    us, we caused it.

    And to these people I say:
    So do you believe that innocent
    children who are only thinking
    of running and playing somehow
    attracted the unfortunate things
    that happened to them? And what
    about people who live in poverty
    stricken countries? Did they all
    bring starvation upon themselves?

    I just asked those question to
    someone who wanted me to believe
    that everything that happens to us
    we caused, and they responded but
    did not answer.

    Thank you so much for your feedback.
    Stay positive. :~)

  6. hi nita! giving u a smile today :)

  7. Hi Amelita!
    Thanks for stopping by. :D

  8. actually, amelita is my mother and my daughter's name.. ^^
    my real name is jingke, but most girls call me pink in blogger.. just call me pink.. cheers! ^^

  9. Anita, you're right. Not everything is in our control. Many times things happen that are completely out of our control.

    Have a blessed day.

  10. Hey Hillary (Daughter of Wisdom):
    Thanks for the feedback. I am enjoying
    your book. Thanks for stopping by. I
    will be by soon. Hope all is well.

    God bless.

  11. Anita, I am glad you are enjoying my book. I pray that you will be blessed reading it.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day.


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