Tuesday, September 13, 2016


One day, eight years after Nita’s husband passed away, and their children, Brenda and Tony were young adults, Nita decided to travel 700 miles to audition for a talent competition that would be seen on national TV.  Her daughter and her sister, Zelbra took the journey with her. They made arrangements to stay with their cousin Tara and her family who lived near the arena where the auditions would be held.

After arriving to the audition, and waiting outside in line for several hours in the misty cold rain, Nita, Brenda and Zelbra were finally able to go inside.  Then several hours later, after waiting inside an arena of 20,000 people, the contestants in Nita’s row were led to the floor to line-up at one of the 36 booths that were draped in black.

The usher went back and forth about which line to put Nita in, as if the outcome was pre-planned for certain booths.

Before she knew it, her time had come to enter one of the booths and showcase her talent.  She was led to a judge with a British accent who resembled the Australian actor, Simon Baker.  After the judge asked her when she was born, he informed her that he too was born that same year.

The next thing Nita thought the judge would ask her, was…What’s your talent? NOT… “What’s your story?”

STORY?  WHAT’S MY STORY?” Don’t you want to know if I can sing first?  What would be the point in finding out someone’s story, if they don’t know how to sing?”

Nita did not have a story. No sob story. No amazing story. No story.  The weeding out process did not begin with the talent or lack thereof.  It began with a story.  At least that was the impression Nita was given.

The judge proceeded and said “Well, sing.” Then after singing one verse of “Here Comes The Rain Again” by Eurythmics, the judge told Nita she had a lovely voice, but she did not have what they were looking for. When Nita asked the judge what was it that they were looking for, the judge responded with…”It.” He said he didn’t know what “It” was, but he would know it when he heard it.

The “It” in Nita’s case, could have been a sad story.  Or an amazing story. Or maybe, just maybe, she did not have “It.”  Whatever “It” was.

Although the rejection crushed her spirit, at this point in her life, she was no longer seeking to have a career as a stage performer.  In her heart, she did not want to compete. All she really wanted to do was showcase her talent in hopes of landing a career as a soundtrack singer. She had thought the talent competition would be the key that opened that door for her.

On her journey of looking for ways to reach her goals, she also enjoys researching and brainstorming to find ways to help others reach theirs.

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