Thursday, April 1, 2010

The 23rd Psalm

This is a video of my son, Tony Travis McCants, Jr.
reciting The 23rd Psalm for his kindergarten
graduation ceremony.

This video is also featured on YouTube with
annotations. Here is the YouTube link:


  1. Hello Anita! Thank You for follow my blog ! I was reading your profile statement, it is true the main point in a blog isn't to get comments, it is to make difference, in your life or in other people's lives. It is a beautiful blog and your son is lovely.

    Have a good day
    Maria Palito

  2. Thank you for those kind words, Maria.
    I hope al is well with you. ~Anita

  3. Hi Anita,
    Found your blog today and have enjoyed browsing and look forward to getting to know you and following you.
    Your son is adorable.
    I am new to blogging-I agree too that it is not about getting comments. It is about sharing your thoughts,creatng a wonderful on line journal of memories.We also hope we can share and help others.
    Please drop my blog when you have time:
    Simple Womans Daybook and Days Touched By Grace.

  4. Hi Anita, you must be very proud to have Such a Cute and intelligent boy! His recitation is perfect, and that might not be easy. I know I can't recite as well as he did in public:).
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and keep up inspiring others!

  5. Thank you so much Anita, this is what I needed to listen to this morning. God's blessings. Lloyd

  6. Kids are the best of the world! I'm sure you treasure your children. It shows, and I can see by the smile on your face they bring you great joy. I'm always telling my daughter she is the joy of our and my parents lives. Such blessings. Have a Happy, Happy, weekend! :)

  7. Thanks for those kind words...
    Linda, angelshair, Lloyd, and Amy!
    I hope you all are having a great week!


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