Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If I Have No Love

This is a video of my daughter, Brenda Janelle
McCants, at age 9 reciting If I Have No Love
from The Children's Bible 1 Corinthians 13:1-8
(running time 1:12)

This video is also featured on YouTube with
Here is the YouTube link...


  1. hi anita! it's been a while.. sorry for not being able to visit you lately.. how are you?

    hey, bravo to your daughter.. she is standing really smart and confidence while doing her thing.. i hope my little one also grows up with high self-esteem..

    cheers! :D

  2. Wow! Beautiful! Bravo! What great poise and elegance for such a little one! Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow. You have been blessed by God to have such a wonderful daughter. Amen!

  3. Mrs. Kolca,
    Thank you for those kind words. It's fine that
    you haven't visited in a while. It's so much to
    do always. As usual I have been busy doing so
    many things. I need to slow down a little so I
    can enjoy my family. I hope all is well with

    I am sure your little one will grow up with
    high self-estemm because you are going to
    see to that :^)

    Hillary (Daughter of Wisdom):
    Thank you! She will be graduating from college
    in May, and she's still a wonderful daughter.

    You've been on my mind quite often. I hope all
    is well with you. Thanks for stopping by.


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