Monday, August 31, 2009

My Testimony

On May 2, 2005, I was headed to a funeral that was
to take place at 2 pm that day. I was driving a small
two door red Chevrolet.

On my way to the funeral, I suddenly realized I did
not remember how to get to the church. I pulled up
to a store that sat in the center of divided roads.
I went inside and asked for directions.

As I was traveling the route a customer suggested,
I noticed that nothing was looking familiar to me. I
felt as though I was driving further and further away
from the church. I decided that I would stop at
another store and ask for directions.

When I came upon another store that sat off to my
left, I decided I would go in and ask for directions.
Not realizing the traffic that started out going both
ways was now, somehow going in the same
direction with two lanes.

As I proceeded to turn into the store, thinking the
way was clear from on coming traffic, BAM! I was
suddenly struck by this vehicle that came from no

Immediately I called out to God. I said..."No God
no, this can't be happening!
" Everything
happened so fast I was not able to understand it.
The next thing I knew I was upside down in a five
foot ditch. I noticed my seat belt had a tight grip
on me.

I said "Please God don't let this car blow up on
me, please let me get out of this car.
" I began
pounding my thumb forcefully at the release button
on the seat belt, then suddenly the seat belt
released me.

I said "Please God don't let me die, please
don't let this be Your will.
" I was worried about
my children. Their dad had passed away, and now
this. I said "God I thought You had a purpose for
me to fulfill, and if I die, how will I be able to
fulfill that purpose
." More than anything, I wanted
to live to fulfill the purpose I felt God had for me.

I was constantly talking to God as I maneuvered
my way through the open window that had been
shattered on the passenger side. I scrambled
frantically out of my car. My face was pressed
against what felt like
a sandy wall.

I hurried hysterically toward the onlookers, and
asked them "What happened, what did I do,
did I kill someone.
" I learned that the vehicle
that struck me had a woman and a baby inside.
I could hear the baby just crying and crying.

I dropped to the concrete ground and laid flat
on my back and began to cry and talk to God.
I prayed for the lady and her baby. I prayed for
them to live, and for them to be all right. I
asked God to forgive me for my sins. I prayed
that God would let me live. Then I finally said
"But if it's not Your will, then I'll just have
to accept it.

As I laid there on my back, terrified of what I
might learn about the woman and the baby,
the onlookers and the witnesses were looking
at the crash in disbelief. The terrifying look in
their eyes made me think that someone was
killed in this accident.

I kept asking if I had killed someone. A lady
standing over me said "I think the lady and
her baby are going to be all right. Someone
is holding the baby, she's probably crying
because she's just shaken up." She told me
that the lady did not want to get out of her

She went on to say..." I'm just worried about
the person in the red car, I hope someone
checks on the person in the red car."
I explained that I am the person that was in
the red car. The lady asked me how did I get
out, and I said..."It was the grace of God"
Then a man asked me "How did you get over
here so fast." I said "I thought the car was
going to blow up, and I was trying to get away
from it."

When I arrived to the emergency room, the
emergency room doctor asked one of the
paramedics why did they have me strapped
like I was all broken up, and the paramedic
replied..."If you would had seen the car she
came out of, you would have thought she
was all broken up too."

I learned from the highway patrol officer that
I made an improper turn, causing an SUV to
slam into my car on the left side (which is the
driver's side), my car spun around, hit the
ditch, then flipped and landed upside down,
with the SUV resting just slightly on top.

A man from the towing service told my mom
it took two trucks to get the car out of the ditch.
He said if he would have tried to pull the car
out of the ditch, there would not have been
anything to tow because it would have fallen
apart, so he needed a truck with a flatbed.

The car that I was driving was totaled. The
patrol officer told my mom and me that
accidents frequently happen in that same
area where I had mine. I was released from
the hospital that same day. I did not have
any broken bones. I only had a few minor
nicks and scratches.

Earlier that day, before heading out for the
funeral, my younger sister had called me.
She thought about asking me if I wanted her
to ride with me, but said that God told her no,
don't bother.

My sister (who is a year older than me) said
my mom wanted to call me to make sure I
knew how to get to the church, but she told
my mom not to call because it could confuse
me. My daughter had gotten out of school
early after taking an AP Exam. She had
mixed emotions about going to the funeral,
and decided not
to go.

To learn that I had been involved in a car
accident left my family feeling awful. They
thought if only they could have done
something that could have prevented me
from such an ordeal. I kept asking myself
why did this happen. I am grateful that
God brought me through this nightmarish

On Tuesday, June 14, 2005, I went before
the judge in hopes of getting my $150.00
traffic ticket reduced. There I stood,
prepared to hear the judge say "Do you
promise to tell the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth, so help you
" which was what I had been hearing
several times already. But instead, the judge
asked me to pronounce my name. After I said
my name, the judge said "Dismissed".

Later I learned that my sister, Carla, as well
as my daughter, Brenda, had asked God to
have my case dismissed, and my son,
Tony, as well as family and friends had
prayed for me.

How could I not have a testimony.
To God be the Glory!!!


  1. To God be the glory. I am glad that you came out safe and sound. Surely God was on your side the whole entire time. May God bless his people.

  2. wow! thank God you are safe! walk with God,

    all the best,

  3. Oh my God Anita!
    This is a testimony... God's ways are not our ways my dear... His ways are way above ours.
    He will keep guiding and seeing us through as we put all into his arms....
    Take care my dear sis..

  4. Thanks:


    Thank you all for your
    thoughts and prayers.

    And thanks for stoppping
    by. God bless you all.


  5. Wonderful testimony! Shows God's love and care. I am so happy that you made it through what must have been a frightening ordeal.


  6. Hi Hillary (Daughter of Wisdom):
    Thanks for the kind remarks.
    God bless you.


  7. Oh, Mrs. Anita I love to hear this story. I am so glad you lived. You are a beautiful soul. I love you and Keep Smiling!

  8. Lindsey, you are so sweet.
    I love you too. God bless you.

  9. Well praise GOD Anita!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wow, what a story!! I was on the edge of my seat. You are alive for reason and thank God for sparing your life! Thanks for your very helpful links on my blog, I really appreciate it.


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